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Services Provided

Shear and Pressbrake

This is an overview of the shop floor where we are able to provide aluminum shearing and pressbrake services

Shear and Pressbreak.jpg

C&C Plasma Services

Our shop handles 4x8 materials up to 5/8” thick for C&C plasma cutting to meet todays needs in the manufacturing of aluminum products.

C&C Plasma.jpg

Machining and Milling

West Wind Fabrication does not staff a certified machinist but can still tackle small aluminum machining jobs.

Machining and Milling.jpg

Aluminum Welding

Offering Aluminum Tig and Mig welding services.

3911D58E-6F9D-4B43-A7BE-D327E72BF77A 2.jpg

Stainless Tig Welding

Offering Stainless Steel Tig welding services.

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 8.06.50 PM.png

Hydraulic Bending 

Offering bending services for Schedule 40 pipe from 3/4" - 2"

For all project pictures check us out on Facebook and Instagram @westwindfabrication 
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